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Academics and Curriculum

Kinchafoonee Primary School follows the curriculum mandated by the state of Georgia. See this site for more information:


KPS Standards Based Grading Policy

Kinchafoonee Primary School uses standards-based grading to accurately communicate the progress students are making on learning the district identified priority standards for each grade level and subject area. These learning targets were identified by district teachers as the foundational learning that students need to master in order to be successful in the next grade level. Students are given common grade level assessments to measure mastery of each priority standard and scored based on a common rubric. The report card communicates whether a student is showing Mastery (3), Progressing toward mastery (2), or Limited Progress toward mastery (1) for each learning target. Teachers provide differentiated instruction and reassessments based on assessment data. Every student is given the opportunity to show mastery of all of the priority standards in order to show readiness for promotion to the next grade level. 


Grading Scale for Standards-Based Report Cards

The standards-based report card uses numerical indicators of student performance to indicate progress on the grade level standards each quarter. They are as follows:


85-100%  Consistently and independently shows mastery of the standard


70-84%  Progressing toward mastery of the standard


69% and Below  Limited progress: student did not master the standard


  • A level 4 is given to show “exceeds” standards.  This score is obtained through an additional assessment for students scoring at 100%.