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Thank you for visiting the Media Center’s page! The media center at Kinchafoonee strives to create and maintain a comfortable environment that will encourage reading for all students.

All library books in the KPS Media Center are hardback books. Hardback books are more expensive, so we teach our students to care for the books while in their possession. Please help us by making sure your child does not damage the book and returns it to school each day.


Keeping our library books in great shape is a priority for our media center. In order to keep books in the best shape possible, we have a damage policy. You will be charged for any damages that your child does to the library book while in his/her possession. We check each book for damage before checking it out. We also check each book when it is returned. Students are not allowed to check out a book until damage fees are paid.

  • Water Damage – Half the price of the book. For example: if the cost of the book is $12, you will pay $6. If it has mold from the damage, you will need to pay the full cost of the book. Water damage ruins the book!!
  • Coloring - $2
  • Tearing pages - $2 (Unless it is more than one or two pages)
  • Removing barcode - $1
  • Tearing Spine or book cover - $2


We do not charge overdue fees. If a book has been misplaced you will be responsible for paying the full price of the book. Students are not allowed to check out a book until book is returned or fine is paid. Holds will be placed on report cards if book has been overdue for more than four weeks.

Here are a few tips to making sure the books stay clean and dry!

  • Do not put water bottles in book bag!
  • Wash hands before reading books.
  • Keep books away from food and drinks.
  • Carefully turn the pages at the corners!