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Dress Code

Dress Code

The home and the school should cooperate in the matter of dress. School is the child's place of business, and children that are dressed in the appropriate school attire seem to do a better job. Their attire shall not be disruptive to the learning environment or opposed to predominant community standards. Students shall dress in a manner, which does not endanger the safety of themselves or others. Shorts, pants and sneakers are appropriate dress for primary-age students. Girls must wear shorts under dresses.

The following are considered inappropriate and should NOT be worn to school: ● Flip-flops, all sandals/shoes without heel straps, shoes with high thick heels/soles, toe shoes, skate shoes or cleats ● Large hoops or long dangling earrings. ● Any apparel that is disruptive in the school environment – Example: shoes that beep or play music. ● Hair that has been spiked, dyed/sprayed colors, or cut in an unusual(strip down middle) manner tempting other students to want to “touch” it. ● Hair that hangs down over eyes prohibiting the teacher from seeing the student's eyes or prohibiting the child from seeing clearly. ● Ball caps, hats, triangular scarves –except on specified “hat days” ● Shorts/pants that drop well below the waist showing the underwear or short-shorts ● Halter tops, tank tops with large arm openings, tops without straps and/or back, tops with thin spaghetti straps, shirts that allow the midriff(stomach) to show ● Fake fingernails ● Shirts with inappropriate pictures, promotion of alcohol/drugs/tobacco, sexually suggestive messages, sarcastic messages such as “Be glad I’m not your kid” or “I’m not listening”, etc.

If your child wears inappropriate clothing, you will be called to bring appropriate clothing for your child. In addition, children who are not wearing appropriate shoes may miss P.E. and recess.

Dress code violations will result in the following action: ● First Offense – the teacher will talk with the child ● Second Offense – the teacher will send a note home to parent ● Third Offense – parent will be called ● Repeat Offenders are subject to an office discipline referral.

Key chains etc. hanging from book bags or belt loops are disruptive and dangerous and are not allowed. Please do not allow your child to bring expensive jewelry or wear multiple rings and bracelets.

Parents are expected to be dress in a school appropriate manner. Please refrain from clothing that mention drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. while on school property. Parents dressed inappropriately will be required to leave the premises.